LOV/CON is a conference about
love, passion and relationships.

When it comes to love, we’re all experts, and yet we’re all clueless. That's why we created a conference about love - to bring people from all paths of life together to nurture, salute, talk about, learn about, get engrossed in, and basque in love.


Want to know how to love yourself more? Or how to appreciate your long time partner? Curious how other people live their love? Basque in our collection of videos about love, passion and relationships.

Madly in Love with Me

Christine Arylo

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We know self-love is important, but what does it really mean? The Queen of Self-Love, Christine Arylo, is an author and speaker who combines fun and practical advice, along with down-to-earth self-love practices, to help you learn what it truly means to fall madly in love with YOU and become your own best friend.

As a writer and speaker, Christine has made it her mission to teach self-love. She learned it the hard way: In a car on the way to her wedding when her soon-to-be husband announced that she’s not the one. That was when she realized she needs to learn how to love herself before she can love someone else.

Why We Need More Touch

Gabriel Posner

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Coming into physical contact with someone conveys a high level of trust. Which is why the wrong touch has such a tremendous influence on us – e.g. in the severe punishment in crimes of touch. However as a massage therapist, Gabriel has learned about the healing that can come from touch as well.

Gabriel is a certified massage therapist and Hanna Somatic Educator, and he also teaches at the National Holistic Institute. In his work, he has seen how therapeutic touch can undo the effects of negative touch. Gabriel also enjoys running up and down the hills of San Francisco in search of the perfect view.

How I Find Love for the Accused

Evan Kuluk

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Even those charged with the most heinous crimes deserve love. As a deputy public defender, Evan represents people from backgrounds quite different than his own, and building a relationship with his clients takes time, patience, and trust. Evan will talk about this journey, and what he's learned along the way.

Evan has been a public defender for the past five years, representing indigent criminal defendants in cases ranging from DUI to homicide. He got his law degree at UC Hastings in San Francisco. Evan and his partner Robb are avid hikers, and enjoy growing vegetables in their community garden plot.

Why Your Partner is (Not) Misbehaving

Marnie Northrop

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Men and women are wired differently. In our modern world, there is often confusion and hurt because we expect the other sex to be and act the same way. In this talk, we'll celebrate a few of the primal differences between men and women and learn simple ways to leverage them to have more ease in our relationships.

Marnie transforms lives with her practical approach to nutrition and wellness. She’s a Certified Holistic Health coach who knows that when sweetness is missing in our relationships, we often turn to sweets. Marnie is committed to creating freedom in our relationships with our partners, our bodies, and our food.


Daniel Pieracci

Life is as exciting as you choose to make it. But how do you escape the boundaries of mere satisfaction, and boldly seek out the new and the exciting? Daniel reflects on how love got him out of his box and enabled him to see life in new and unexpected ways. And as a special added bonus, he makes the whole thing rhyme.

Daniel is a writer, an advertiser, an entrepreneur, and a nice guy. He’s also happens to be Caroline's husband, colleague, cycling partner, personal coffee maker, sweet talker, and best friend. He enjoys writing headlines, riding his road bike in the Alps, and putting on conferences so he can speak at them.

What Happened When I Started to Love More

Ryland Engelhart

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Love is not something you find out in the world, in people, places and things. It’s a presence that comes from within. Being love is more than just a thought; it’s an inward experience expressed outwards. Ryland shares how his practice of “being love” has impacted all aspects of life both locally and globally.

Ryland is the manager of Café Gratitude in Los Angeles, an organic vegan restaurant. There, he and his team have created a love-based workplace. Ryland also leads workshops and co-created an award winning documentary called “May I Be Frank”. He is a happy, loving husband and lives in Venice, California.

Tales from a Drag

Lil Miss Hot Mess

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Where do baby drag queens come from? How can we create families that go beyond blood ties or marriage? In this presentation, San Francisco drag queen Lil Miss Hot Mess engages queer theory, camp culture, and pop music to explore how drag communities have created new definitions of love, partnership, and family.

Lil Miss Hot Mess bedazzles San Francisco with a unique blend of camp, choreography, and radical politics. Lil Miss has performed at the legendary Trannyshack and the SF MoMA. She is the former Tiara Sensation of San Francisco, and is known for throwing herself a “Bat Mitzvah x2” that made all the queens jealous.

How to Choose Love When You Feel Fear

Sabrina Bolin

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By defining love on a spectrum, we can begin to see how it all comes down to two simple choices: love or fear. And it is possible to choose love instead of fear – as Sabrina will show us in her speech. “Choose love now” is her mantra with which we can empower ourselves in our day to day lives to create joy and release fear.

Sabrina is a guide and coach on a mission: to bring joy to her clients. MyMiBoSo (MInd, BOdy, and SOul) is her coaching practice where she helps her clients listen to their inner guidance. To stay connected with her own intuition, she loves to meditate or play outside in the warm sun of her home town L.A.

The Secret to a Happy Marriage

Al DiFrancesco

Many marriages fail. Some quickly, while others last for a long time but neither partner is happy. Reflecting on his own long and happy experience, Al has figured out the one thing necessary for a long and happy union: “Having something on the side.” In his speech he will tell us what that secret something is.

Al is from the mid-West, where he met and married his wonderful wife Kathy. He became an engineer and had a 43 year career in manufacturing engineering and management. Al and Kathy have raised two children and travelled the world. Al is now retired and looking forward to the next stage of his life.

Our Experience with Open Adoption

Kristina & Nathan Boblitt

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Open adoption challenges conventional thoughts about love, loss and connection. Can a parent’s love for their child be shared with someone else? Can a child's love be shared among several parental entities? Kristy and Nate discuss the new incarnations of love that have developed for them as a result of this unique journey.

Kristy and Nate have been married 10 years and became parents through adoption 5 years ago. They live in northern California with their kids and Sasha, a rambunctious golden retriever. Kristy works part-time as a pediatric occupational therapist, and Nate is a computer consultant for small businesses.

Love in Music

Etienne Abelin

There are uncountable forms of love, many of which we cannot see or describe.  In his presentation,  Etienne explores  how music enables us to feel love when we are unable to describe it.

Etienne is a professional musician who enjoys playing his violin and reinventing the world of classical music. He is the founder of classYcal, a startup dedicated to promoting innovations in classical music.

The Future of Love

Michael Pieracci

How will future generations love? How will aliens and technology impact the first touch and the first kiss? Michael dares to make a prognosis with help from the characters in the hit sci-fi TV show Star Trek.

Michael was born in San Jose, California. He currently works for FontShop in San Francisco, and in his spare time he cares for his many houseplants, takes photos of nice things, and drinks lots of tea.

Lovers Rock Forever

Simone Müller-Schumann and Jörg Schumann

What do people really think about love? Simone and Jörg asked around, and created a movie to show us that love is continuously changing and reinventing itself, while the basic feelings and longings remain.

Simone is an art therapist and a wonderful host with a big heart. Jörg is an artist, art therapist and lover of pretzels. Simone and Jörg are married and have two children and the four of them laugh a lot together.

Love measured

Gregor Schubiger

By measuring hormones and studying brain scans, neuroscientists disproved the magic of love years ago. But is it all just chemistry? Or is there something more? Gregor shows us the most current science on love.

Gregor is a pediatrician whose professional journey led him to the position of Chief Physician. Today he helps answer ethical questions in clinical research, and when that gets boring he climbs an Alp (or two).

Relationships and Creativity

Marc Oberer

No relationship is perfect - we aren't always fully accepted by our partner, and sometimes we are even questioned by them. But friction can be a good thing, and Marc shows us the power within these moments.

Marc comes from the beautiful mountain region of Glarnerland. Today he lives in Basel where he works as a coach, teacher and author.

How We Love in Japan

Maiko Hiiragi

Love in one culture doesn’t always fit with love in another culture.  Maiko shows us the unspoken rules of love and marriage in her native Japan.

Maiko is an IT project manager at Sony in Tokyo. She also studies business administration with a focus on intercultural management. When it’s time for a study break, she escapes crowded Tokyo to enjoy nature.

Love Fruits

Elisabeth Schubiger

Love goes through the stomach - even our early ancestors knew it. That's why Aphrodite is often seen with a pomegranate, and why an offer of figs used to mean so much more. Let's get seduce by the fruits of love!

Politician, nurse, camp chef – Elisabeth is always taking good care of people. When she's not working for others, she's probably playing with the cats or cultivating rare species of tomatoes.

Valuable Values

Dor Arnold

We are loved, but we seldom ask ourselves how best to love back. Dor shows us how to express gratitude in a relationship and how to love back, so that there’s plenty of giving and taking.

Dor has spent 14 years on tennis courts teaching kids and adults the art of the volley. The other half of his day is spent as a manager. He enjoys evenings with his wife and son at home, where he learns empathy.

A Little Love Meditation

Isabelle Schubiger

Loving others starts with loving ourselves. To explore this idea, Isabelle takes us on a journey into our own hearts. So get comfy, breathe deep, close your eyes and let love flow as she guides us in meditation.

Isabelle is a yoga teacher, and head of production at the performance hall Kaserne Basel. When she isn’t working or doing a sun salutation, she can be found making the world's most beautiful cupcakes.



When we got married, we started our exploration about love. What is it? How can we best live it, be it, and share it? On this journey, we've met many inspiring people. When we get the chance, we take a moment to interview them and turn the interview into a podcast. Here they all are and stay tuned for more!

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